Take 3 for Guernsey

Day three of the lockdown seemed appropriate to launch #take3forguernsey


Well Guernsey let’s see if this takes off. Whilst we're in lockdown, demonstrating our amazing community effort we’d like to spare a thought and lend a hand to our furry, fish and feathered friends. 


Organised beach cleans are currently on hold, but this doesn't mean the litter has stopped washing up, so if your hitting the beach for your 2 hours exercise let’s #take3forguernsey


What we’d like you to do: collect three pieces of litter, and take a picture of you or where you are so you can share with the rest of us! 


Make sure when out you keep social distanced, safe and sanitised - we recommend wearing gloves, only picking up trash from the shoreline.


Our community and environment is everything - let’s #take3forGuernsey 


#take3forthesea #take3forgsy #take3forguernsey #guernseytogether #take3foralderney @take3forthesea @greenguerns #greenguerns