Support Us

What can you do?

Buy local produce, check food labels, try not to buy foods from deforested areas, get growing your own and join local community projects. If you like what Green Guerns is about, support us, become a member and join the conversation. 

Supporting Green Guerns will help us act locally; funding rewilding, conservation projects offsetting and bracing the island. Organised action in beech cleans, tree planting and local campaigns to reduce imported waste, join us as we evolve our community actions to fight biodiversity loss and mitigate against climate change. 

As a member 1 tree will be planted in your name each month, this will be in aid of international re-wilding projects and local projects seasonally. 


Green Guerns is building a board collaboration of community members, charitable organisations and businesses who wish 

to work together to keep Guernsey a green place for future generations. Please contact us to become a member.

Offsetting Locally and globally

Tree planting, beach cleaning and marine conservation. Members will be planting 1 tree a month. 

Continued Campaign for a Greener Future

Reduce imported waste, cut carbon emissions. Educate and legislate against harmful products that deplete our soil quality. 

Community discussion

A platform to discuss concerns and more importantly find solutions to achieve our climate targets. We should all be part of this discussion.